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    The One I Love - Rosie (Original Song)

    Hello again! So I don’t know how it happened, but it happened, so here it is: my second Teen Wolf-inspired song. As a Sterek-Fan, I see this song as a song from them, ofc, but actually, you can apply the lyrics to all ships, if you want to, so don’t let that stop you from listening, okay? :D

    God, I am so excited bc I also think that this is one (if not the) best song I’ve ever recorded and written, although my voice wasn’t warmed up properly, so please don’t leave me hanging here, haha.

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    If you are interested in hearing more (covers & original songs) then go here :)

    The One I Love
    Rosie (Original Song)
    Beasts & Burdens
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    Admit it, you go shopping with this tune playing in your head ;)

    Mall Rat
    Jerry Martin
    The Sims Soundtrack
  3. WTF & LOL

  4. leoonemoretime:

    an inspirational message to the haters.

    Say Something, #10 – BB Hot 100 

  5. nomellamesfriki:

    La fábrica de Disney

  6. Hola, chiquis. Ni yo me creo mi bajada de peso. XoXtina

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